Specialists of the company «B-Support group» are able to generate and develop new ideas and projects that are able to successfully and quickly implement the projects "turn key" can quickly delve into the issues and know how to find the truly optimal solution to complex problems.

B-Support group provides practical assistance to entrepreneurs in the areas:

  • Development and support of business projects;
  • initial assessment of the effectiveness of projects;
  • drawing up a business - plans;
  • identify sources of funding and projects;
  • planning and establishing production processes;
  • Develop systems and selection criteria, training of personnel;
  • development of logistics for the delivery of goods;
  • Develop an effective system of production control;
  • Preparing the company for certification by the standards of ISO;
  • Organization of accounting and reporting;
  • developing further; long-term planning;
  • analytical work;
  • development of crisis response and optimization of business.
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