Outsourcing legal services in the enterprise

We offer a full range of legal services under the contract outsourcing.

Many companies in Kazakhstan are traditionally preferred to have their legal department, whereas in developed countries, even large and wealthy companies do
more efficiently. They rely on attorneys specialized companies,

guarantee the high quality of services and supporting real

responsibility for their work.

Practice shows, indeed highly qualified lawyers,

competent in many areas of the law is very small, although the labor market
offers a large array of lawyers.

Highly qualified expert "is" very "expensive, and professionals such

usually not looking for work. Quite the contrary.

Therefore, many companies are forced to seek suitable in their opinion, an expert through trial and error. Not surprisingly, turnover among lawyers is very high.

While the company does not find a suitable lawyer

it always remains unprotected legally, but the consequences can

break out at any moment ...

In-house counsel practice accepts no responsibility for the results of their work,

maximum - it can be dismissed, but that the company's business does not become better.

Of course, outsourcing also poses some risks, but the pluses, many times more.
It is very important to make the right choice of a law firm.

We invite you to cooperation!

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Outsourcing legal services in the enterprise