Financial Analisis

Company «B-Support Group» offers an analysis of financial condition and evaluate the effectiveness of your company or partner companies.

The purpose of the analysis is to obtain real information on the financial situation, solvency and profitability, trends and risks, specific to your company or partner companies.

In the analysis performed assessing the current status and problem diagnosis, which is estimated in the context of the Company's financial condition, identifies the main factors causing changes in financial condition.

Thus there is also a full assessment of the Company's property: the value of fixed assets and their share in total assets, depreciation rate, the total economic resources at the disposal of the company. Estimated financial position: the amount of own funds and their share in total sources, current ratio, the share of working capital in their total amount, the share of long-term debt in the total amount of sources, the coverage ratio of reserves. The analysis of the effectiveness of current activity, asset utilization, calculated rates of turnover.

Finally, a description of perspectives (planning) development and analysis of possible risks for your company, or partner companies

The data obtained are presented in the form of analytical conclusions, which consists of an analytical note, tabular and graphic material, as well as full descriptions of the indicators in the analysis.

Deadline of one to two weeks.

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Financial Analisis