Issues of taxation of nonresidents

This service will be of interest to companies operating in foreign markets.

Taxation of income of nonresidents has several features. Not knowing them, often, companies simply increase the cost to the amount of interest income tax of non-residents.

Those who believed their money for sure be interesting to know whether there are other, legal ways to reduce these costs. We dare to assure, with proper understanding and application of tax law, may pay as much as required by law, without overpaying. We understand these issues and can help.

If you are interested in our offer, the company «B-Support group» will prepare you for the clarification on the order of income taxation of nonresidents to the particular situation:

  • Will the analysis is made of the data contained in invoices by type of service and suppliers.
  • will be analyzed documents pertaining to these invoices.

You will receive:

° a written explanation on the procedure of taxation of specific revenues from non-resident legal entities with specific suggestions and links to the regulations, interpretation, writing of the authorized state bodies. Links and reasons for the findings will be applied;

° Invoice Form (Required) from non-resident supplier of services / works;

° sample conditions that can be incorporated into a contract with a nonresident to the contract is signed to obtain primary documents drawn up properly;

° and we will hold consultations with experts of your company's accounting department;
° for particularly complex and contentious issues we will prepare a request to the tax authorities and will provide the answer;

° if you are without us actively apply the norms of international tax law, consultation will be useful to verify the accuracy of extra taxation or need further clarification.
When ordering services from us, you will receive:

° understanding the correct application of the law on income taxation of nonresidents.
° savings.

° strengthening the company's image to foreign partners

° solution to the problems within the company ° practical help professionals accountants and lawyers

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Issues of taxation of nonresidents