Previous experience and reference projects:

  • Develop and implement a project to organize the International

multimodal terminal;

  • Organization of the Agency for the sale of commercial air transportation;
  • Organization of regular road cargo flights on routes in Kazakhstan;
  • Store the finished women's clothing brand «ORSAY» (based on a franchising agreement) - opened in the shopping center "Satellite" at the end of November 2009.



 ~ Development of the concept of the client company and its entry into the market of logistic services in the area Mangistausskoy Kazakhstan;

 ~ A project for the organization of cargo Travel Agencies in Almaty;

 ~ Commissioned by the Kazakh company developed a project to organize the production of LED lamps in Kazakhstan;

 ~ In October 2010, a number of overseas customers have been provided legal advice on matters related to granting loans to local companies, ensuring the transaction of mortgage of movable and immovable property, including the establishment of extra-judicial enforcement procedure sale of the property.

 ~ In November 2010, completed the Legal Clinic for TOO "OASIS Beverages" on "Determining the best ways to attract foreign investment."

~ At the end of November 2010 on an ongoing basis providing services to legal consulting company LLP "EAT."


~ In March - April 2011 commissioned by a major company conducted a case study of the logistics market of Kazakhstan for the detection and identification of new areas of the company.

~ From July 2011 on a permanent basis are legal consulting services for two large companies, wholesale trade and procurement company specializing in soft drinks and production company.

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Previous experience and reference projects: