Consulting company «B-Support group» offers cooperation in the provision of support and practical assistance to the entrepreneurs to organize and develop their existing business, as well as new projects.

 • Who are we?:

The company employs experienced and qualified professionals with experience as chief executives, managers, lawyers, economists and accountants. Since 2005, we have developed and successfully implemented a variety of business - projects in various areas, including: automobile and air transport, international and local logistics, franchising in retail, HR, etc.

 • Who are we?

Our services can be claimed by companies of any size, any form of ownership, as well as individual entrepreneurs who are really here and now urgently need qualified, and the aid or assistance.

 • WHY?

    With us - you save money: A common misconception is that recourse to the consulting firm is worth big money, but real results will not be. If you know what you want and in what need help - you always get what you need.

   You save because there's always going to get the desired result - the work done professionally and on time, without the influence of the "human factor" in-house staff (not in time, became ill, a lot of other work, etc.).

       Save time: Entrepreneur sure - no one better than he himself can not realize his idea, to cope with all problems. But by virtue of employment with current affairs to work closely on his project, he is not always possible. Time is running out, but often the hands and does not extend to these cases ... An important project or decision may be an important issue shelved only because of an endless flow of current problems.
    Why pull all the time and put it off? Engage professionals!

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